Pastel Coloured Sock Gift - 5 Pack
Pastel Coloured Sock Gift - 5 Pack

Pastel Coloured Sock Gift - 5 Pack


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Looking for a small gift for a family member or a present for a friend - we have you covered!

Our sock gift boxes are the ideal option. They are the universal gift for a child which you're unsure about what to get them or what they like.

The sock boxes are a variety of socks in some of our popular design!
Deer- Warm blue sock with deep coral heel and ankle cuff featuring a fluffy deer charactor.
Flower Face- Light pink sock with a pale green heel and ankle cuff showing the fluffy cloud-like flower face.
Pig - Light blue sock with baby pink heel and ankle cuff displaying the fluffy pig character.
Betty Owl- Pale pink sock with orange toes, heel and ankle cuff. Showcasing the betty owl fluffy design on the front.
Pink Stegosaurus- Two-tone dark pink sock with a navy blue fluffy dinosaur on the sock.

  • Flat Seams
  • Super comfy and warm
  • UK Designed
  • Soft cotton for delicate skin
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